Another blog. That's about right, yet another blog ...

But because it is so simple to share things, this piece of internet is occasionally freshed up with curiosities that cross my path. I like to share the positive things. And most of the time it's about work, time, searching how ... the ordinary things.

A while ago I decided to write about a number of things, with the intention of sharing experience. That's why I gave the site my own name, which started as a joke: I know at least one other Frederik Van Hecke, also from Wetteren, and we met each other work-related (very long ago) in Ghent. We were then working in the same industry.

That was a very strange experience, talking to your namesake, who shares almost the same passion as you. Very strange, but also very nice. It made me realize that we are many people, and that it is better to help one another. That's why I started to write a few things about what I already know, hoping that other people will not make the same mistakes.

A "view" at things is usually colored. I like to share the sunny side of things. That just makes it more fun. I don't aim for more than that: offering a good story and something recognizable to read while you're having a coffee.

Enjoy your coffee and enjoy reading.

If you want to exchange ideas, get in touch.


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